We are E-Content, a bunch of creatives and developers, digging and inventing all the latest in the digital landscape. We seek out and test new opportunities to benefit marketing departments.
Namely, you.
We help businesses literally adapt to the digital age.
We don’t merely do services.
We develop generic and bespoke products, mostly mobile, web and IoT applications, as hands-on tools to transform daily business operations – from sales support to drawing in new customers in a nonadvertising way.

Here’s how

Address the right issue

We make sure to address the right issue. It takes repeated questioning, meticulous groundwork, and defying all assumptions.


We only start designing with a thorough understanding of how people interact with the digital content in question.

Product development

A standalone product on its own, everything we do comes with a distribution strategy to meet download and usage objectives.

Creatives or developers, we are all project managers at heart, driven by the urge to make things happen.

The only thing sweeter than coming up with concepts is getting them done.

Mobile App Development

Apps have many possible uses for companies. They can remodel internal ways of working, the cooperation with retailers and partners or methods of customer communications.

Web App Development

Web apps today are no less indispensable for businesses than, say, bank accounts. With an extensive record of webpage design and development, we have basically its full spectrum covered from landing pages through portals and bank services to web shops.

IoT (Internet of Things)
App Development

The Internet of Things qualifies as the most recent thus the most exciting field of software development. Being innovative in our approach pays off particularly well in this arena for creating a new app often means coming up with a never-beforeseen function as well.


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